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Meet Melissa

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Melissa is an athlete every coach wishes they could have the pleasure of working with. Coach Amy and @wildlandcf got lucky this special human walked through our doors. . . “When I started my journey with AIM three months ago, I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. At three months postpartum I was feeling far from normal. I was beyond tired, trying to figure out this mom life, saggy skin and extra “fluff” everywhere.

Before baby, I was always active. I had been doing Crossfit for 5 years at that point and competed at the Regional level. It was always a goal of mine to get back to that level of fitness post baby. Needless to say, I wasn’t “bouncing back” anytime soon. I heard a lot of, “Just give it time.” To a certain extent that was true, but I was yearning to get some control over my body. I hit the point where I was simply unhappy and exhausted. I wasn’t able to be the mommy and wife I wanted to be. I took the leap, reached out to Amy and by the end of the week I had started on this incredible journey. . . From day one Amy has taken the time to support my goals. Each week, I can count on an uplifting e-mail from her giving me feedback, ideas, and advice for the coming week. Amy not only supported my nutritional goals, but she served as an additional member of my support team. Navigating postpartum life turned out to be much more emotionally draining than I ever imagined. Some days you just need someone to tell you that you are kicking ass. . . The process hasn’t been easy, but it has certainly been worth it. My view towards food has been forever altered. I no longer see training as a means to eat crappy food. Now I am looking for foods that will fuel my body. Since starting Aim, I have gotten my energy and zest for life back. I can see myself transforming into a new me- healthier, stronger, and happier.