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Meet Cayla

Hi! I’m Cayla. I’m a wife to a traveling power lineman, stay at home mom to two, very active young kids and a part time care giver to my mother in law, who suffers from MS. I’m busy keeping things afloat and putting everyone first, just like most women do. I’ve recently realized that my cup really does need to be full before filling others up. I had gone through some frustrating hormone changes last summer that packed on the pounds for me. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I finally decided to give AIM a try. I figured with the 3 month commitment it gave me a time limit to either see changes or not. Well it was the best damn thing I could have done for myself. I’ve lost around 20 pounds, several inches and lost that helpless feeling that I was carrying. I needed Heather to check in with whenever I was feeling those doubts or struggling to reach my numbers. I also needed to work through some unhealthy food issues I had developed. I didn’t even realize I was so trapped by food until the AIM team showed me how it should feel to eat real foods. I feel more freedom about food and love for my body, than I think I ever had. I would hear the term “lifestyle” and immediately roll my eyes. It couldn’t be that easy. I was wrong. I’ve finally created those habits to make this my family’s lifestyle. During the summer my family camps pretty much every weekend. I’ve made it a priority to spend just a bit of time planning out our meals and now it’s just another thing to do before we travel. Our fridges are full with healthy real foods that everyone enjoys now. When I started AIM, I just wanted to feel better. I wanted my clothes to fit better. I wanted to feel happy & energized. I wanted to eat real foods with the occasional guilt free s’mores and drink. I wanted that balance you hear about. I wanted to sit at the beach and feel confident. I just wanted to love my body. Heather, the AIM team and hard work has finally gotten me there and I’m so thankful!