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Meet Cathy!

“Later in life and at over 300 pounds I decided I didn’t want to be FAT anymore. It was time to step out of that comfort zone and do things that would help me become a better me. I was tired of setting goals for myself I would never quite allow myself to come close to reaching them. I found that as soon as I made one step forward, I would find a way to take 2 steps backwards. ⁣

I joined AIM November, 2018. I was stuck in my journey to become healthy. With the help of Coach Amy and the AIM team, I learned that it didn’t matter how much I worked out, because I wasn’t fueling my body correctly to be successful. I’ve learned to use food to help me instead of feeling like it is against me. Doing my weekly food prep EACH week to set myself for a successful week and finding ways to not get bored with food has been critical to my success. Amy doesn’t allow me to take those steps backwards anymore. I am held accountable to my actions and called out when those actions are hurting me. She reminds me that putting in the work while training for yet another one of my races will pay off when I cross that finish line. She encourages me when I am successful in completing my goals for my races and does not allow me to say that goal wasn’t good enough.⁣

AIM has taught me how to believe in myself again. How to be proud of myself. Take that step. It’s uncomfortable, scary, and downright frightening, but it is so worth it in the end. Learn to become a better you, YOU are worth it!⁣

Most important to me is the example I am setting for my daughters, my biggest cheerleaders! They have always been by my side, cheering me on from every one of my CrossFit events, to my Ironman races. I want them to be proud of me and I want to be around for many more years!”⁣