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Meet Ashley!

Coach @awearne here. I have the pleasure of getting to be one of my longtime friend’s nutrition coach. I’ve always felt honored and to be honest slightly surprised that some of my closest friends have allowed me this privilege. As we all know, sometimes the line between friend and professional partnership can get blurred. I pride myself on the respect I have for the position loved ones allow me to hold in their journey.

Last night I received this text from @ashleyhtaylor9 leading off with a “I’m sending this as a friend not a client...” and then continued by saying, “how does less than 5 pounds look so different?!”

I loved every part of this text because Ashley is a friend, like so many out there, that measured success solely on what the scale said. Taking the time to put her before and current pictures side by side allowed Ash to SEE that the scale is only one piece to a much bigger puzzle. Ashley has: * Focused on eating 600-800g of 🥦🥕and 🍓🍏a day. (and tamed down the lavish wrap intake 😉) * Does CrossFit @wildlandcf🏋🏻‍♀️ and @cyclebarcda 🚴🏻‍♀️to keep her fitness in check. * Has reduced her🍷consumption by having a reason for a drink. * Has spent time focusing on her 🧠 game and ways to manage any unwanted stressors. * Makes it a point to be as consistent as possible from day to day. It takes time to take back control from the scale. It takes effort daily to tell yourself that ‘the little things’ matter. It takes commitment and trust that the actions you’re taking are supporting your goals. But this time, effort, and commitment is worth every ounce when you get to send your friend (who just so happens to be your nutrition coach) a quick side by side because you’ve surprised yourself and because...it made you smile 😊🥰