Last winter I experienced some serious stomach issues that came on pretty fast. Went to the doctor for test and found out I had a hiatal hernia, my diaphragm muscle was week and unable to close completely which in turn was causing my stomach to move up into my diaphragm. I could begin to take reflux medication (which would only be a bandaid) or I could have surgery to fix the problem. I have to tell you I didn’t like either option!! I felt that since it was a new health issue and it came on some what suddenly, I didn’t want to rush into anything. However I felt pretty sick most of the time, was not able to eat much, sleep was rough and many Crossfit movements were only aggravating the symptoms. I was frustrated to say the least. I started to do some research on nutrition options for Reflux and was please to see that with some changes, I could possible avoid surgery and live without medication. But where to start??

In June I reached out to Amy and that’s where my AIM journey began. Amy listened to all my troubles, asked a lot of questions, studied my reflux symptoms and began to put together my nutrition in a way to help me study the affect of the food I was eating and dial in my macros. She had me journal all my food choices, combinations and affects. It was very helpful and eye opening to see it on paper and I quickly learned what was triggering symptoms and what I could do to change the affect of some foods and the combination of foods. I was determined to do everything Amy told me to do. As I started to feel better I started to exercise again by slowly running/walking outside. Not only was it good to be exercising physically, but it was awesome mentally. I had been feeling pretty defeated and discouraged. When I would experience a set back Amy’s weekly email became a lifeline… (sounds dramatic I know, but some of you know what I mean). Not only was Amy coaching me with my nutrition, she was also coaching me with my running.

What turned out to be run/walking, became running more, longer and often. With Amy’s support I decided to sign up for a ½ Marathon in the fall and began training. I have since done that marathon in October, placed 3rd in my age division (complete surprise), started back to Crossfit, lost 15 lbs, lost 12 inches, and most importantly, I feel frickin’ awesome!!! My Reflux is practically nonexistent. Still have to watch what I eat, but it is 100% better to watch what I eat, then to be on medication full time or to have surgery. My diaphragm will not heal itself, but I can live a healthy life and control my symptoms by what I put in my month.  As I transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2, I reflect back over the last few months and the best way I can explain this journey is….well, words are hard. I get a little emotional. No surprise to people who know me that I may shed a tear or two now. Through this journey Amy has given me the tools, the resources and her support. She shared her passion, her wisdom and her experience. Amy has been the most encouraging coach I have ever had. Thank you Amy!!! AIM IS SO WORTH IT!!!