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Meet Alexis

I can't decide if I'm on the verge of tears, or if I want to go shout from the mountain tops. It's like my body just decided it was ready to drop some more, and that's entirely fine by me. Be my guest. More importantly though, I started AIM on the first day of fall semester, which was August 28th. So today officially marks six months. Today also officially marks the first day that I can say that I'm down over twenty pounds. Twenty freaking pounds. I honestly don't even know how this is real life right now, because I feel like I'm on cloud 9, but also feel like this is complete reality because I worked my ass off for this. When I started AIM, I thought it'd be cool to lose some weight, but not if it came at the price of also losing my strength. I'd rather be strong, than be able to say I lost a couple extra pounds. However, within the last six months (other than my OHS), I've managed to PR every single one of my movements/lifts. Being able to do all of this and remain true to your program while being a college senior is a true testament to the fact that your program is real life. College makes AIM easier & AIM makes college easier. I treat AIM like it's another homework assignment essentially, and I have a designated time every night where my "assignment" is to plan out how my meals the next day will fit my macros. At the same time, AIM makes college easier by giving me direction and letting me know that a college apartment and crazy busy schedule doesn't have to equate to less effort put into caring for my body. AIM is without a doubt changed me and I am forever grateful for you.