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The 5 SHIFTS in my mindset that changed my life.

The 5️⃣ S H I F T S in my mindset that have changed my life.

1️⃣ Taking action is easier than making excuses. Just deciding to eat it or not eat it, work out or not workout is much easier than the debate that plays in my mind for too long.

2️⃣Learning the difference between logging my macros and HITTING my macros CONSISTENTLY. I can log whatever I want... it doesn’t mean I actually ate what I logged. Taking ownership of the nibbles is a game changer. 3️⃣Completely remove the idea of a ‘CHEAT’ day from my mindset. This was a big one but once I was able to grasp the concept of moderation I was freed from the guilt (and the stagnation) that followed my cheat days.

4️⃣ Exercise, especially strength training is necessary to feel strong and lean. Mono-structural exercises weren’t cutting it, weight lifting and variety are necessary. 5️⃣ Plants, especially vegetables provide me the volume I need to feel satiated as well as the energy and health required to live my life as a hard working Momma. You DON’T have to diet to extreme measures to have your optimal body composition. You can enjoy the treats and special moments, you can reach your goals without deprivation and misery but you must be willing to TRY, you must be willing to FAIL, and you must be willing to GROW. That’s probably the first shift that needs to happen... be willing, be vulnerable, and be accepting of yourself and the human that you are❤️