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Not Trying is not an Option

"I am not willing to help you if you are not willing to try." This has sort of been my mantra lately with

Miss Isla Rae

Miss Isla Rae. She is all types of capable but is working through figuring out how much she can have done for her versus how much she has to do on her own. The last time I said this to her was at breakfast time a few days ago. She knows how to cut her egg. I've SEEN her cut her egg yet she chose to sit at the table for a solid 15 minutes, while her egg got cold, repeatedly suggesting that I needed to help her... cut her egg. This theme has blanketed getting dressed, brushing her teeth, you name it.

After quite the stand off that morning Isla finally resolved to a feeble attempt at cutting her egg and I, as promised, assisted in cutting the remainder for her.

This got me thinking that her actions as a four-year-old are still not that different than many of ours. What we must realize is that things are hard, and it is true, there is an easy route and there is a hard route to most things. Also, I would say that it's more often than not that you can find someone in your life that will do the things you don't want to do for you.

But what if, just maybe, we focused this mantra not only on our children but on ourselves or the people within our circle. What if we challenged them and ourselves to TRY? A person cannot grow, learn, fail, achieve, conquer anything in life if they don't try, they simply can't. Yet so many people WANT things: to lose weight, gain muscle, complete an athletic event, be HAPPY, but they aren't willing to put in the effort on their end to achieve these things.

Let's be real 'trying' to lose weight doesn't mean you eat salads for lunch for 3 days and knock out a jog on Sunday and allow yourself and others to believe that you are TRYING. Trying is hard. Actually trying is hard as shit and it takes constant and consistent awareness of our decisions and actions. To try for something means that you repeatedly do things that support your goal.

No one wants to help a person that isn't willing to help themselves just as much as everyone wants to help the person that wants to help themselves.

If we want something we must TRY for it. We must make choices every day that support our goal. It isn't easy and it most definitely isn't always fun but being a 'person who tries' will always attract help and support.

I'll just be over here reminding Isla and all of our AIM clients that we are here to help you and support you but we will always expect that you are willing to help yourself first!