Updated: Dec 27, 2017

My AIM journey started Memorial Day weekend of 2017 and holy batman was I nervous. I over analyzed it and thought way too much about whether I should embark on this journey, and finally decided to jump ALL in. I was mortified that I had let my weight creep on as much as it had, nothing fit, stretchy pants (aka leggings), and lose tops were my best friend. I was the heaviest I had ever been, pushing 170 pounds.

I have hired ALL the trainers over the years, tried different gyms, boot camps, CrossFit gyms, and of course all the shakes/and potions of get “skinny” fast, and spent way more money than I want to know. As I roll my own eyes, nothing worked – go figure. As everyone has seen “you can’t out train a bad diet”, I didn’t fully comprehend this statement until now. I never really had to worry about my weight growing up, but as I got older into my 30’s, the weight continued to increase and NOTHING worked for me, EVER. I have ALWAYS had a very supportive spouse and gosh, he would listen to me gripe and complain I don’t know how many times, and would tell him, this new class is going to motivate me and get me to my goal – I just know it, and again it just didn’t work!

After I signed up with Amy just before the long Memorial Day weekend, I was ALL in. I think I blew up her email that first week with questions of “how do I do this”, reference my over-analyzing above. I can’t get my macros to be exact in MFP, what do you mean just use the percentages, it has to match and be PERFECT. HAHA. I think Amy thought, “who did I just sign up – Kirstin its OK!” That first week I lost 2.1 pounds and I was below 160 in 2 weeks, a number I hadn’t seen in years and said to myself “you have got to be blank kidding me”. This is actually working! Ok, but wait, I’ll hit a plateau and I’ll never be able to see those glorious 140’s and get into my 8’s, I held on to those pants for years, they were quite dusty, but I just never could get rid of them – and now they are baggy. Are you kidding me?! Not only did I slay the 150’s but I am SO close to the 140 mark. I do have a goal of 135-ish, and today I weighed in at 144.4

losing 18.5lbs during this time frame and I’m at a total loss of almost 25 pounds! I can’t remember the last time I was in the 140’s, I believe it was my wedding day almost 9 years ago that took herculean effort to get that damn dressed zipped!

As I sit here writing this, it brings tears to my eyes for not only Amy helping me feel good about myself again, but her showing me the way that I can do this, not just in my weight but in my life as a person as well. I am strong, I am resilient and feel so accomplished. I got rid of the negativity in my life and this journey that she helped me create a new life. It is so much more than just losing weight. This isn’t a quick fix. This is a lifestyle...one that will stay with me for the rest of my life as I embark on Phase 2. I technically don’t have to log my food in phase 2 and I do have new macros for the next 3 weeks while I’m on my own, but this is my new life, my new way of thinking and it’s not a chore anymore. I plan my days even if I plan on having a girl’s night. On date nights with my hubs I don’t worry about it or over analyze it. Tomorrow is a new day and I have learned to just live in the moment.

I will always be eternally grateful for dear friends, who have supported for me and cheered me on, my husband, and of course most of all Amy. Where have you been all my life – you are seriously an angel. I know I put in the work but you have changed my life in more ways than one. Words can’t express what you mean to me. Thank you for helping me get my life back! A favorite quote I found recently; “Don’t let the fear of what could happen, make nothing happen.”