Updated: Dec 22, 2017

My nutrition journey began with AIM 25 weeks ago. I have struggled with being self-conscious and insecure since a young age, never feeling content with my body. I've never been athletic or exercised consistently. Three years ago, my friend signed me up for a triathlon, which was terrifying, I had never competed in anything. It was a really proud moment to complete the race. It made me make a commitment to my health because I was overweight and out of shape, mostly due to poor self-care, a high-stress job, and lifetime of poor eating habits. After a few years of trying out different gyms, my husband and I became members at Wildland Crossfit. Despite consistent gym workouts, I was getting frustrated with my lack of weight loss. In my past, I have either exercised OR eaten healthy. Never simultaneously. My husband, Justin, encouraged me to reach out to AIM Nutrition for support and guidance nearly 6 months ago in hopes that we could begin to evolve our eating habits and create a healthier lifestyle for our family. Since that time, working individually with Amy has given me tools on how to lose weight, while also fueling my body for exercise and roles of being a wife, mother, and employee. Although my progress at times feels slow, Amy has encouraged and motivated me to continue working towards my goals, despite a spring/summer that consisted of travel, camping, BBQs, celebrations, an overall lack of routine, a job that requires me to work late nights, and a dislike of cooking.

My husband has also worked with AIM. Our family is learning the importance of meal prep, eating whole foods, and making mindful choices when eating out and spending time at social gatherings, while also not feeling deprived and allowing ourselves to adjust our day accordingly when we want to indulge in a treat or drink. AIM continues to work with me to adjust my nutrition to meet the needs of my physical and emotional health. During my time with AIM, I have lost almost 20 pounds, but more important is that it has improved my energy, sleep, recovery from workouts, self-esteem, and has minimized my anxiety. Although I still have goals that I'm working to reach, I feel the best I ever have.