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Identify your Weakness

What if I am not the Type A, Pre-Planning, ‘Organized’ person?

Consistency requires planning and planning requires action…the key is finding the right method – one that works for you, your personality and your household.

Identify the struggle: MEAL PLANNING

What frustrates you about it? Does it cause stress, make you feel overwhelmed, take time away from your family, or often gets bumped to the bottom of the To-Do list?

Here are some ideas to help find the strategy that works best for you.

PREPARE ONE PROTEIN FOR THE WEEK. While doing household To-Dos throw a larger portion of meat (3+ pounds) into the Crockpot, Oven, or on the grill. Having one protein prepped can be utilized throughout the week for rice bowls, tacos, salads, lettuce wraps or different entrees.

GET UP EARLY Are you always rushing to get out the door in the morning? Try deciding what you are going to wear the night before and get up 15 minutes earlier to eat breakfast and pack your food for the day. You will be pleasantly surprised how this positive start will affect your whole day.

GROCERY SHOP Make it a point to get your grocery shopping done so you don’t run out of food.Take advantage of the Online Ordering stores offer, keep a few packs of frozen steamer vegetables in your freezer for quick go to’s when fresh veggies are running low, and always keep canned tuna, chicken, or sardines on standby.

DINNER LEFT-OVERS Multi-tasking at its finest. Set an empty container on your scale and fill it up with your left overs for lunch the following day. Don’t want to log it quite yet, put a piece of masking tape on the top and write the contents of the meal for you to reference when you eat it the following day!

COPY A ‘NAILED IT’ MFP DAY Look back on your daily log and find a successful day in MFP and then repeat it. You’ve already done the work once so utilize your success. To do this, go to Diary > 3 dots > Copy to Date > Click Check mark > Edit as needed.

Find a weakness and take one action to improve it.