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The beginning of a new year brings such hope and optimism of having "a clean slate." It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of New Year's resolutions and making grand goals that often times don't lead to success.

AIM is here to encourage and support you in setting goals that are achievable and realistic! Spend some time considering 2018's goals and why you did/did not achieve them. What were the barriers? Although you may not have met your goal, what did you learn along the journey?

Some considerations when creating "SMART" goals to optimize your success in attaining your objectives for 2019:

BE SPECIFIC: Consider WHY you want to accomplish this goal. When, where, and who will be involved in the process? Be as exact and specific as possible.

MAKE IT MEASURABLE: Outline the timeframe for when you will need the goal accomplished by. How will you know that you have been successful in achieving your objective?

MAKE IT ATTAINABLE: Ensure that you have the resources needed to attain the goal. Is it reasonable for your life right now? Thoughtfully consider possible barriers to successfully completing tasks.

IS IT RELEVANT?: Define your purpose as to why this goal is important to YOU. Not to your children, or husband, or boss. Set goals that motivate YOU.

BE TIME-BOUND: Create a timeline, including start date and deadline for reaching your goal.

It is important to create a goal based on your ability to achieve the steps needed even in your hardest, busiest, most stressful week. For example, you set a goal of "exercising five days per week." However, you know that your spouse works out of town the last week of the month and its a challenge to find the time to train when you are in single-parent mode. Then consider setting your overall goal to "exercise three days a week." That way, if you have some weeks that you exercise 4-6 times per week and the crazy week you only can squeeze in three workouts, then BOOM. Success. It's important to remember if you create a goal, it can be a boost of confidence when you "over-achieve" when life allows, but can still ensure that your goal is achievable when life feels like chaos.

Throughout the process, it is also important to re-evaluate your goals when needed and expect that there will be mistakes, challenges, and maybe the occasional tantrum. The AIM team is here to provide honest support, feedback, and accountability in achieving whatever your wellness goals are!