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AIM Travel Tips

Set your intention for while you are traveling. Do you want to remain strict with your eating and track all your meals, or will you allow flexibility and enjoy your experience without tracking?

🚗 If you are road tripping, pack a cooler and fill it with healthy snacks for your travels. Place the cooler and all snacks in the back of the car out of reach so that you can avoid mindless snacking and only eat when you make planned stops for meals.

🍽 Research local restaurants for your destination and check out menus ahead of time and pre-log.

☕️ Consider skipping breakfast and eat an early lunch to reduce your window of intake and allow you more room if you know that you would rather have a larger meal later in the day or accommodate for treats and drinks.

🏋🏻‍♀️ Be active! Research local gyms where you can get a daily sweat session or do a quick workout in your hotel room (think circuit of pushups, air squats, and plank holds).

🛒 Book a hotel room with a kitchen or mini fridge and stock it with healthy snacks that are easy to track! When you get to your destination, buy a disposable cooler that you can take with you for snacks, lunch, and plenty of water. They work great for beach days so you don’t have to pack up the crew to go find lunch!

🍎 Easy take-along foods include hard-boiled eggs, jerky, chicken/tuna packets, deli meat, protein bars, nuts, Greek yogurt, rice cakes, and pre-sliced fruit and veggies. Portion out serving sizes in ziplock bags for easy tracking!

🍷 If you are consuming alcohol, be mindful of using mixers. Use sparkling water, diet sodas, or fresh squeezed lime/lemon to add flavor without added carbs. If you are consuming wine, consider adding ½ sparkling water and ½ wine to your glass for a spritzer! It reduces your caloric intake, as well as aids in hydration!

💦 Drink your water and stay hydrated! Take refillable water bottles with you to fill up once you are through airport security and to take along on your adventures! Protein powder, BCAA’s, and no-calorie flavored drink mixes are easy to pack to encourage drinking water and avoid water retention while traveling.