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Achieving Goals - Step by Step

By Coach Amy

As we approach the new year the flood of New Year’s Resolutions are creeping in. All the things we planned on doing in 2018 get pushed to REALLY going to do them in 2019.

Have you noticed this mindset to be perpetual for you? Do you find yourself finishing your December eyes wide, waiting for January 1 so that you can start fresh and achieve that lingering goal in the new year?

How long has it been a goal? Why does it seem to always escape your present and wait for you in the new year?

Our guess… you don’t have a plan. You see the shiny picturesque accomplishment of 20 pounds lost, running through the shoots of Ironman, sitting down to your new job, or happily walking hand and hand with the person you love, but you fail to devise a plan to achieve these lofty goals.

I never realized how many steps a ‘Long Term’ goal took to actually accomplish. Looking back at my life I realize and am thankful that my personality leans towards structure and compliance. I personally thrive off of having a laid out plan that allows me to move step by step toward my goals. Looking back on my Ironman days, I could remember watching that race in high school and even while finishing up college falling in love with how glamorous it was to run down Sherman avenue and have the privilege of being called an Ironman. Shish, fast forward a couple years and I had a rude awakening to what actually made that ‘not so glamorous’ moment become a reality.

So many steps. For one, I had to learn how to swim...better than an infant in survival mode. For two, I had to learn how to ride a bike efficiently for over a hundred miles and for three I had to learn how to do all of that in a row with a marathon tacked on.

These were my skills required to achieve my goal. From there, practice is what I needed and practice is what I did. But to say that I just swam, biked, and ran does zero justice to how intentional every day of every week leading up to race day was.

Even my practice was carefully organized. I found an experienced and extremely talented coach to guide my floundering mind. From there a weekly plan was derived as far as when to train what. After that came the type of, duration, intensity, and intent of each workout.

And lastly, oh yeah, lastly… follow through on my part. In order to achieve my goal I had to follow through. I had to make decisions every day, even multiple times a day that continually benefited my ‘long term’ goal. I had to say no to late nights and yes to early mornings. I had to say yes to going fast when I wanted to go slow. I had to trust that I could do the work and then prove to myself through and through that I could.

Goals can be glamorous, most of them are, so ideal, so perfect but perfect and ideal aren’t reality. Hard work, laying single bricks day in and day out are reality. The small actions will be the ONLY way to achieve the ‘Shiny’ not so ‘Shiny’ long term goal. Even though the shine may disappear because of your new knowledge of grind and grit long term goals require, that shit will be more powerful for you as a human because through the journey, you learned what you are capable of.